Tips to Recognize Symptoms of Lupus Disease

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Lupus is a deadly new disease is equivalent to cancer. More than 5 million people have lupus disease detected and more than 100 thousand new cases occur each year.

Lupus is a disease of the immune system which tissues in the body are considered as foreign. Reaction of the immune system can be about various organ systems of the body such as skin tissue, muscle, bones, kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, lining of the lungs, liver, digestive system, eyes, brain, and blood vessels and cells blood cells.

The body has immunity to attack diseases and keeping healthy. Yet it is precisely in these diseases, the immune attack healthy organs. Lupus disease, presumably related to the immunological system of the excess. Antibodies were found in a person's body that serves to attack the source of the disease to be included in the body. Uniquely, the disease Lupus is an antibody formed in the body appears excessive. The result, antibodies actually attack the cells of healthy organ tissue.

Symptoms of lupus disease known as Lupus Erythematosus Systemic (LES). Erythematosus means "reddish". Systemic mean spread to various organs.

Here are tips on recognizing symptoms that commonly occur in patients with lupus:
  • Flammable skin from the sun
  • In facial skin, red rash will appear which stretches on both cheeks, like a butterfly. Sometimes called the (butterfly rash). But a red rash resembling a disc can appear on the skin throughout the body, striking and sometimes scaly.
  • Anemic, because the red blood cells are destroyed by lupus
  • Fatigue or excessive fatigue, weakness, fever and aches.
  • Experiencing hair loss
So don't underestimate any of these symptoms. If you experience it immediately to the doctor. Hopefully the tips and tricks useful for all of you

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