Tips and Tricks to Stay Away from HIV-AIDS

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks the human immune system that causes AIDS. People who are infected by HIV can't cope with the invasion of other infectious diseases because their immune system decline or loss of body resistance to infection and illness that continue to dramatically.

HIV / AIDS can affect anyone, young and old, men women, children, toddlers, and even fetuses still in the womb can also be infected by HIV / AIDS. Therefore recognize its spread, so that we can avoid HIV / AIDS. Here are some tips you can do to avoid transmission of HIV / AIDS.
  • Stay away from free sex, for the modern teenager, not do free sex. "Free sex NO, married YES"
  • Should not change sexual partners, learn to live faithful to one sexual partner.
  • For in an emergency, one of you or your sexual partners have venereal disease or other things that cause you can not directly intercourse. Then the use of condoms would be better to do.
  • Avoid transfusion, always be careful. If forced transfused, make sure that the blood transfusion is blood that has been inspected by the health units of blood transfusion as an HIV-free blood (also free of hepatitis, malaria and syphilis).
  • Careful use of syringes, intravenous needles, acupuncture needles, needle cupping (treatment of Islam) piercing needles, tattoo needles, and other needles to injected directly into the body. Make sure that the needles are sterile and not used others. And only used disposables.
  • Be careful also for drug users who use needles media as a means of using drugs.
  • Be careful in helping the wounded and bleeding. Be sure to use the safe rescue procedures.
  • And if there is a suspicious signs or symptoms call your doctor or nearest health offices.

Hopefully informative and useful tips for you. So keep yourself and family and dear friends from HIV / AIDS.

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